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JY-290-H mobile speaker

Product description
Detailed parameters
● Original Mitsubishi M65831 delay reverberation circuit, reverberation effect is transparent;
● Fever-grade imported power amplifier chip, titanium film horn high-pitched sound quality reaches professional speaker level;
● High efficiency and stable wireless Bluetooth transmission, strong anti-interference performance, let you enjoy the pleasure of music playback, with hands-free function, built-in USB, SD, TF card function, with remote control;
● Built-in high-quality dual-channel UHF wireless microphone, efficient and stable transmission, free to sing with wireless microphone whether indoors or outdoors;
● Built-in high-quality Tianneng rechargeable battery, battery life of 6-8 hours;
● Charger undervoltage indication, anti-overcharge protection circuit; using splint paint booth structure, the appearance of high-end atmosphere is durable;
● Suitable for indoor and outdoor meetings, teaching, entertainment and other places.
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Maximum power

Output power: 450W (4Ω)

Input zero sensitivity

Microphone = 10MV/300MV AUX=500/2V

Multi-function USB/SD decoding

With Bluetooth, dual decoding, with remote control, with recording

Typical charging time

8 to 12 hours

Use typical time

It can be used continuously for 6 hours when the volume is turned on without distortion.

Input voltage range

AC 220V

DC power supply

DC 12V/12A battery, external 12V DC battery

Outer packaging

1 tray, height = 64.5CM length = 37CM width = 42.5CM

Inner packaging

High = 62.8CM length = 35.5CM width = 41.3CM

Sound specification

High = 55CM length = 31 CM width = 30 CM

UHF segment FM microphone

Dual microphone U section, hand-held, headband optional

Net weight

25.5 KG

Gross weight

27 KG

Horn tweeter

34 core titanium film horn treble


12 inch 155 magnetic 50 core


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