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FS-320G Digital Wireless 2.4G Transmitter

Product description
Detailed parameters
● With built-in electret pickup, it is designed with a pickup cavity, which can effectively suppress howling and improve the pickup distance. The cavity has built-in acoustic sponge pad to improve the plosive sound;
● Support five-stage EQ sound color adjustment, which can adjust different effects according to different human voices;
● Support one button mute function;
● Support volume adjustment: can adjust the size of the microphone volume, and has a shutdown memory function;
● Support built-in microphone and external microphone. Use the built-in microphone, it can be used by hand, or it can be inserted in the collar, pocket, or hanging on the chest with a lanyard; it is recommended to use an external 3.5mm plug for the microphone when using the laser pointer, remote computer PPT and other functions. Or a lavalier microphone plugged into an external microphone jack for optimal pickup;
● Support laser pointers;
● Support PPT page turning and one-button black screen/recovery function, which can be used together with projector or computer display. The PPT page turning module supports hot plugging, no need to install the driver software, and can use the PPT page turning function without connecting the receiving module; (optional)
● Support 3.5mm audio input and microphone input;
● Digital wireless microphone is powered by automatic close-range pairing, and the six-level code power is adjustable in real time. Each time it is turned on, a new ID code is generated, which effectively adapts to WIFI interference and solves the problem of difficult code.
● New noise elimination circuit design can effectively reduce the noise of the switch;
● LCD display, display signal strength, frequency mode, power (charging display), working channel, volume, PPT function, etc., can customize the display content such as logo brand;
● Built-in rechargeable high-performance 3.7V polymer lithium battery, battery capacity is 800mA, with protection circuit, safe and reliable, using the MICRO USB interface to charge, 2 hours full power sustainable life time ≥ 8h;
● Low energy consumption design, automatic shutdown within 2 minutes when there is no signal, energy saving and environmental protection.
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Transmitting frequency


Transmit power


Transmission range

About 20M (depending on environmental changes)

Operating temperature

-20 ̃75 degrees

Power consumption

About 100mA

Battery charging time

30 minutes ̃ 1 hour

Frequency response


Signal to noise ratio


Output level


Power supply

5V DC power supply

Microphone weight

Wearing a lanyard, USB charging cable, charger


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