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X1908 IP network internal communication intercom system

Product description
Detailed parameters
● Function name: Touch screen paging intercom main console.
● With dual port hub (HUB), it can directly access local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), can play network audio, and can access and control servers and other IP network devices.
● Network fault self-diagnosis, network and service status display.
● New desktop design, 7-inch TFT true color screen, graphical interface display, full-capacitance touch screen control, convenient, high-end and beautiful.
● The core device of the network intercom can directly page and talk to each other type of terminal equipment.
● One-click, full-area, partition, and single paging speech.
● With offline operation, it can be directly connected to the network for use. There is no need to transit through the server during paging and intercom, the startup and response speed is faster, and the delay time is shorter.
● Support PCM paging intercom, PCM paging intercom is the most advanced paging intercom mode, which can achieve paging close to zero delay, thus obtaining a good user experience.
● Support multi-party calls during intercom.
● Paging and intercom permission control functions.
● Line input and output port, which can transmit local audio signals to the network.
● With the SD card, you can directly play the music program in the SD card, and convert the music in the SD card into a network data stream and transmit it to other terminal devices.
● High-fidelity recording function, which can record high-quality signals from microphone and line input. The recording files are stored in SD card and can be played at any time.
● When searching for paging and intercom objects, it supports digital, English, and Chinese names. The operation is extremely simple.
● High-fidelity sound quality, capable of high-demand occasions for intercom quality.
● External gooseneck microphone with built-in speaker (1W) to adjust the volume independently.
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Network Interface

Standard RJ45 (3), 2MM/100M network ports, 1 upgrade port

Supporting agreement

TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP, FTP, ICMP, ARP, support cross-gateway cross-route

configuration, withoffline function

Audio format

PCM (uncompressed format), ADPCM, MP3, WAV, OGG

Display size

7 inch

Screen Resolution

800*480 pixels

Screen keyboard

virtual keyboard

Keyboard input method

Touch input

Sampling bit rate

8K-124K optional


TF card (MICRO SD), standard 2G

Recording time

Microphone and line recording, file stored in SD card, 120 hours (4G)

Network delay

File playback: less than 50ms, real-time speech: less than 10ms, two-way

intercom less than 20ms, with automatic caching

Power off network restart recovery time

Power off network restart recovery time

Recording level

250mV line, 10mV microphone, adjustable recording level

Transmission rate


Audio mode

Network packet, CD sound quality

Frequency response


Harmonic distortion


Signal to noise ratio


Line input level and interface

250mV, RCA

Built-in speaker output impedance and power


Line output level impedance and interface

775mV/1K ohm, RCA

Built-in speaker output impedance and power

8 ohms, 1W

Operating temperature


Working humidity


Power consumption


Input power





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