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X1906 IP network internal communication intercom system


IP network broadcasting system

  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: X1906 IP network internal communication intercom system
    • Commodity ID: 1108416964264087552

    Function name: Fire microphone, with the highest priority level.
    Equipped with a dual port hub (HUB), it can directly connect to a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), play network audio, and accept access and control from servers and other IP network devices.
    Self diagnosis of network faults, display of network and service status.
    Has the highest priority in the system and can give notifications and speeches to any area in the system under any circumstances.
    Equipped with linkage function with network fire signal collector, able to automatically identify alarm zones, and can speak to alarm zones with one click, without the need to manually select zones. Equipped with one click full open and full close paging function.
    ● Along the way Φ 6.35 headphone socket output, automatically cuts off the monitoring horn after inserting the headphone.
    Equipped with offline operation function, it can be directly connected to the network for use, without the need for server transfer during paging and intercom, resulting in faster startup and response speed and shorter delay time.
    ● Support PCM paging intercom, which is currently the most advanced paging intercom mode and can achieve near zero delay for paging, thus achieving a good user experience.
    ● Support multi-party calls during intercom.
    Paging and intercom permission control function.
    ● Line input and output ports can convert external analog audio signals into network data streams and transmit them to other terminal devices.
    Equipped with an SD card, it can directly play music programs from the SD card, and convert the music from the SD card into network data streams for transmission to other terminal devices.
    High fidelity recording function allows for high-quality recording of microphone and line input signals. The recording files are stored in the SD card and can be played at any time.
    When searching for paging and intercom objects, it supports searching for the initial spelling of numbers, English, and Chinese names, and the operation is extremely simple.
    High fidelity audio quality, capable of handling situations with high requirements for intercom audio quality.
    Equipped with 0 to 9 numeric keys, it is convenient for users to input terminal or group numbers digitally.
    External gooseneck microphone with built-in speaker (1W) for independent volume adjustment.

  • Network Interface

    Standard RJ45(3), 2 10M/100M network ports, 1 upgrade port

    Support Agreement

    TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP,FTP,ICMP,ARP, support cross-gateway cross-routing configuration, with offline function

    Audio Format

    PCM (Uncompressed Format),ADPCM,MP3,WAV,OGG

    Sampling bit rate

    8K-124K optional


    TF card (MICRO SD), standard 2G

    Recording time

    Microphone and line recording, files stored in SD card, 120 hours (4G)

    Network delay

    File playback: less than 50ms, real-time speech: less than 10ms, two-way intercom less than 20ms, with automatic cache function

    Restart recovery time after power failure and network disconnection

    Less than 1 second

    Recording level

    Line 250mV, microphone 10mV, recording level adjustable

    Transmission rate


    Audio Mode

    Network packets, CD sound quality

    frequency response


    harmonic distortion

    ≤ 0.3%

    signal-to-noise ratio


    Line input level and interface

    250mV, RCA

    Built-in speaker output impedance and power


    Line output level impedance and interface

    775mV/1K ohms, RCA

    Built-in speaker output impedance and power

    8 ohms, 1W

    Working temperature

    -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

    Working humidity


    Power consumption

    ≤ 20W

    Input power







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