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LA-208 double 8-inch linear speaker

Product description
Detailed parameters
      LA series high-precision linear array speaker system speaker, which has large dynamic capacity, applies phase correction technology, can truly restore the spectrum signal within the specified range, multi-function speaker, suitable for stadiums, dance halls, small and medium-sized performance systems, theaters , concert hall and performing arts center.
● LA-208 linear array has excellent frequency response, can provide flat response output in the range of 65-20KHZ, with low bass, the low frequency lower limit can be extended to 50Hz;
● The whole system adopts two-way three-unit, built-in crossover design, two 8-inch mid-woofer speakers, and a 1.75-inch treble driver, combined with custom horns, can control high-frequency directivity in the horizontal direction. Within the range of degrees, a uniform high frequency response will be obtained. According to the needs of on-site sound reinforcement, it also satisfies the effective attenuation in the vertical range of 15 degrees. When the multiple speaker systems are working at the same time, there is no mutual interference, and the requirements for range amplification are achieved;
● The medium and high frequency is fine and thorough, the low frequency is thick and strong, and it is suitable for the sound reinforcement of various types of large and medium-sized occasions. LA-208 can be used with LA-118 for better acoustic properties.
● LA-208 system is a combination of various optimized designs, which are optimized from physical characteristics to electroacoustic performance. The hanging device of mold design makes the installation of the product more simple and convenient. More reasonable, more focused on science, can simultaneously meet the lifting of 16 LA-208 without security problems. Whether it is fixed installation or mobile performance, lifting is extremely convenient.
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Frequency response

65Hz-20KHz (±3dB)

Pointing angle (H)


Sensitivity (1W/1m)


Maximum sound pressure level (1m)

127dB (continuous) / 129dB (SPL)

Power (AES)

500W (rated) / 1000W (program) / 2000W (peak)

Rated impedance (Ω)

Woof unit


Treble unit


Connection socket

Two NEUTRIK NL4MP four-pin socket 1+1-

Size (DxWxH)


Net weight



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