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VR110P (钕Magnetic) Single 10-inch linear array speaker

Product description
Detailed parameters
● The VR-110P's full-range speakers are fully compliant with the line array principle. Both the high-frequency wavefront converter, the spacing between the units, and the selection of the crossover point are consistent with the line array theory.
● VR-110P applies coaxial line array technology, which solves the problem that the interference between the middle and high units near the crossover point of the conventional line array leads to the narrowing of the pointing, and also solves the problem of the deviation of the sound image;
● Applying the phase plug panel effectively solves the horizontal interference problem of the dual-cell structure and reduces the low-frequency to high-frequency tonality caused by the Doppler effect;
●The high-frequency part uses the technology mature wavefront conversion device to further optimize the original wavefront conversion device, which improves the upper limit frequency of the high frequency, reduces the distortion, and improves the sense of hearing;
● The tweeter is two composite diaphragms with a diameter of 4MM and a 1-inch throat magnetic compression driver. The diaphragm is processed by the latest technology. The transient of the pure titanium diaphragm is very good and has a stable continuous output power.
● Combining the low distortion Myla side makes the sense of hearing more natural. The mid-low frequency is a mid-bass driver with a voice coil diameter of 75mm and high output. It is loaded with the latest patented ACPD (Sonic Correction Passive Driver), which improves the available output of the low frequency in the bass driver, increases the sensitivity, and improves the sound pressure level to improve the directivity. Improve the horizontal and vertical crossover points of the speaker bass drive unit;
● The improved hanging piece has a higher safety factor by reducing the weight of the box, and can hang up to 16 speakers with a safety factor of 7:1;
● A variety of hanging installation methods have expanded the use of the speaker.
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1.75"×2,44φ high-performance neodymium magnetic treble driver


10"×1,75φ high efficiency neodymium magnetic high power in and out waterproof basin bass

Rated impedance

HF:8Ω / LF:16Ω

Frequency response

65Hz-20kHz(±3dB)/ 80Hz-20kHz(-10dB)

Rated power

120 (continuous) / 240W (peak), LF: 250 (continuous) / 500W (peak)

Maximum sound pressure level

127dB (continuous) / 133dB (peak) LF: 127dB (continuous) / 133dB (peak)





Box structure


Wiring form

NEUTRIK  NL4MP×2HF:2+2-    LF:1+1-

Size (D × W × H)


Net weight



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