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SIR-05 infrared receiver host


Microphone Series

  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: SIR-05 infrared receiver host
    • Commodity ID: SIR-05 红外接收主机
    Key words:
    • 广州声曼电子
    • 专业音响
    • 会议音响
  •   Carrier Frequency


      Number of channels

      single channel

      frequency response

      75Hz ~ 15KHz ± 3Db

      dynamic range


      Maximum frequency offset range

      ± 45KHz(with level limiting)

      total harmonic distortion

      <0.5%@10KHz Deviation

      signal-to-noise ratio


      Receiving distance

      > 100 ㎡(15m straight line distance)

      frequency stability

      ± 0.005%(-10 ℃-40 ℃)

Sounord    Professional Audio 

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