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F-3000 intelligent high speed feedback suppressor

Product description
Detailed parameters
● This machine adopts high-speed floating-point digital audio processor and advanced Sub-Band Echo Cancellation technology, which can completely eliminate whistle and echo at high speed and fully automatic, and let the live audio be sent accurately and in real time. Switch to "FSC/BYPASS";
● Built-in feedback suppression function, using adaptive environment howling suppression algorithm, built-in 24Bit A / D, D / A conversion; 24-bit DSP processor, 48KHz high-speed sampling;
● Built-in automatic pressure limiter, adjust the total output level through COMPRESS, when the multi-microphone is used at the same time, it can prevent the feedback due to the increase of the gain of the whole system;
● Built-in adaptive dynamic noise filter can filter out the background noise of the scene environment without affecting the high quality transmission of voice signals;
● Built-in system intelligent level control, which can obtain clear, continuous voice signals with no obvious fluctuations in signal level;
● Built-in AGC bidirectional control, with the ability to distinguish between enhanced signals and soft signals;
● Built-in 10-band graphic equalizer, auxiliary adjustment tone and feedback howling point;
● This unit has high and low bass adjustment and gain adjustment functions;
● This machine sets 2 channels of music input, 8 channels of microphone input; 2X16 blue LCD screen display, the adjustment parameters are clear at a glance;
● Microphone 1-4 automatic four-selection function;
● Unique wireless microphone dedicated input interface;
● Built-in 48V phantom power, (one switch for each of microphones 1 to 4 and 5 to 8);
● Unique microphone recording output switch, no music output when the switch is OFF;
● This unit has a balanced output and a set of auxiliary recording output;
● keyboard lock function;
● It can be connected to the computer via the USB connection of the machine. It adopts 2 modes (administrator, user) to facilitate management. Support 232 central control adjustment;
● Adapted to language, sound reinforcement systems such as teaching, conference, speech, trial, recording and broadcasting.
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8-XLR and 2-TRS

Unbalanced input mode (with 48V phantom power)

Line input impedance


MIC maximum input level


Line input


8-XLR and 2-TRS

Balanced output

Output impedance

150 Euro, unbalanced: 300 Euro

Maximum output level


Sampling frequency


Dynamic Range

>100dB (A weighting)


<0. 5%

MIC frequency response

+/- 2dB (MIC straight through frequency response 30Hz to 20kHz


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