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EQ-3231 dual 31-segment equalizer

Product description
Detailed parameters
● With independent high-pass filter and low-pass filter, the excess frequency is cut off to reduce the power consumption. The independent gain range switching button is convenient for different needs. Due to the structural reasons of the building, different sites have different frequency propagation characteristics, which are closely related to the objective volume and material arrangement of the site;
● Different materials have different levels of reflection and sound absorption, and different reflections and sound absorption of sounds of different frequencies, resulting in uneven transmission of the site, and even whistling due to standing waves, which requires an equalizer;
● Equalizer can generally be divided into the following sections: 20Hz-60Hz, this frequency often gives people a very loud feeling, such as thunder is a strong and powerful feeling in music, if the elevation is too high, otherwise it will be turbid; 60Hz -250Hz, this frequency includes the main tone of the pitch and rhythm pattern, and its ratio to the middle to high constitutes the balance characteristic of the tone structure; the strong tone is full, the weak tone is thin, and the strong is strong; 250Hz-2KHz In part, it includes the low frequency overtones and low harmonics of most instruments; the 2KHz-4KHz part, this frequency is the intermediate frequency, if it is raised too high, it will cover the recognition sound in the speech sound, resulting in unclear sound; KHz-5KHz In part, this is a frequency band with a sense of presence, affecting the clarity of the language instrument; 5KHz-16KHz part, which controls the brightness, sharpness and macro brightness of the sound;
● Equilibrium bypass switch setting, whether the 30MM equalizer fader is used, and the high-precision neutralizer that can be locked in the middle, so that you can really become the top professional control in any frequency band adjustment;
● Cut-in time delay electronic switch can avoid sudden change of sound, each segment can be boosted and attenuated by 12dB. The signal-to-noise ratio of dB is better than the total harmonic distortion of 0.003%. The safer external power supply completely eliminates AC interference. The most practical starting from the user's safety, starting from the product itself as much as possible, reducing the power hazard;
● The biggest feature is the feedback whistle indication function. When a howling occurs, the LED of the corresponding frequency is illuminated, which is very convenient to use.
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Frequency band

2X31 1/3 Octave,ISO Spacing


RF Filtered Servo-Balanced Input

Input resistance

20KΩ Unbalanced 40KΩ Balanced

Output impedance


Frequency response


Signal to noise ratio


Harmonic distortion


Channel separation

Better Than 50dB信

Adjustment range

+/-12dB Select

Maximum output level


AC voltage

100~120/60Hz or 200~240/50Hz VAC Selectable

Size (DxWxH)


Net weight



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