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ME-6910 Alarm Bell Signal Generator


Peripheral equipment series

  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: ME-6910 Alarm Bell Signal Generator
    • Commodity ID: 1108416783531528192

    With manual and automatic alarm mode.

    It has the function of manually triggering alarm sound and ringtone output.

    With alarm recording function, built-in2GLarge capacityTFCard, can be segmented recording.

    Recording files can be auditioned, deleted, and erased repeatedly.

    Support line and microphone recording, alarm input audio signal and output audio signal can adjust the volume independently.

    Support0V-12V-24VFire signal intelligent trigger, trigger signal wiring can be divided into positive and negative.

    Can automatically trigger the playback of recording alarm files, with a way0V(Short circuit) output, used to trigger the external linkage device.

    Built-in1WMonitor the horn.

    availableME-6912Fire linkage alarm.

  • Alarm Trigger

    0-12-24V positive and negative

    Trigger output

    0V (short-circuit contact)

    Memory Card

    Standard 2GMicro SD card

    Line output




    Power consumption







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