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ME-6905 MP3 Bluetooth Preamplifier


Peripheral equipment series

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    • Commodity name: ME-6905 MP3 Bluetooth Preamplifier
    • Commodity ID: 1108416772966076416

    LCDDisplay Screen Design,Each status is displayed at a glance.

    Built-inMP3Player,SupportMP3,WAV,WMAand other song formats.

    SupportMP3Folder Playback,Support six loop mode playback.

    Bluetooth function,Can connect mobile phone Bluetooth,Play music from your phone.

    Multiple Inputs/Output Interface:5Microphone mouth(MIC5With phantom power supply, can be connected to the conference microphone),3line input port,2An emergency priority port(EMC), 2line output.

    Independent volume control for each channel.

    Treble and Bass controls.

    Automatic silent sound function (strong insertion function), easy to insert emergency broadcast.

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