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ME-6902 Sixteen-Way Partition/Zone Pager


Peripheral equipment series

  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: ME-6902 Sixteen-Way Partition/Zone Pager
    • Commodity ID: 1108416764883652608

    Powerful, with sixteen-way partition and sixteen-way partition paging function.

    Can simultaneously access four background music amplifier and 1 paging/Alarm power amplifier.

    The paging/alarm signal can be forcibly cut to any partition output.

    The multi-contact large-capacity relay switches the signal line and the ground line at the same time to avoid crosstalk during long-distance transmission.

    When the partition is opened, the corresponding partition indicator light is on (always on). When the partition is closed, the corresponding partition indicator light is off. When the partition is paged/When the alarm is operated, the corresponding zone indicator light flashes.

    When partition paging and partition alarm, you can choose whether to output24V strong cutting power supply shall be equipped with strong cutting power supply).

    With system linkage function, it can be usedKe-9918The composition of the automatic timed partition broadcast system can be used.Ke-9912Composed of automatic fire zone alarm system, can beKE-9960/KE-9980Composition of remote zone control system.

  • Number of partition paths

    16 the way.

    Number of partition paging paths

    16 the way.

    Channel switching capability

    150V/20A audio signal

    power amplifier input

    4 1 (background EMC) amplifier



    Power consumption







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