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D1832 IP Rack Terminal


IP network broadcasting system

  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: D1832 IP Rack Terminal
    • Commodity ID: 1108416951064612864

    Any place with Ethernet port can be accessed, with dual-port hub(HUB), acceptable servers and othersIPAccess and control of network devices. Network fault self-diagnosis, network and service status display.

    It has a line output, which can convert digital audio on the network into analog audio signals and can be connected to ordinary traditional analog power amplifiers.

    Power management function, with a way of external power control port, can automatically control the external power amplifier or other equipment power on and off, to achieve intelligent power control, unattended.

    It has two microphone input ports with different sensitivities, which is convenient for users to access high-sensitivity conference microphones, wireless microphones, or low-sensitivity ordinary wired microphones.

    With a line input port, can access the timing player,CDand other external analog audio equipment.

    Audio channel selection listening function, the user can be transmitted at the same time multiple sets of audio programs over any choice of listening,Audio channel programs can come from the server, or from the audio matrix orIPNetwork radio head andIPNetworkCD.

    SDCard local playback, support for a variety of song formats, high-fidelity sound quality decoding.

    Unique timing task local storage playback function, timing programs and songs can be downloaded to the machine, even in the network disconnection,The server can also be played regularly in the state of interruption, ensuring that the timing task is foolproof.

    Strong cutting function, will automatically output when there is a fire signal to start24VThe electrical signal turns on the volume controller without additional equipment.

    Output signal light indication,Chinese display, real-time display of machine status, sound source volume, song name. Single button shuttle, convenient and quick operation.

  • Network Interface

    Standard RJ45(3), 2 10M/100M network ports, 1 upgrade port

    Support Agreement

    TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP,FTP,ICMP,ARP, support cross-gateway cross-routing configuration, with offline function

    Audio Format

    PCM (Uncompressed Format),ADPCM,MP3,WAV,OGG

    Number of channels

    Road 30, self-set


    TF card (MICRO SD) standard 2G


    No signal 3 minutes automatic standby, standby time can be set

    Restart recovery time after power failure and network disconnection

    Less than 1 second

    Network delay

    File playback: less than 50ms, real-time speech: less than 10ms

    Transmission rate


    Audio Mode

    Network packets, CD sound quality

    frequency response


    harmonic distortion

    ≤ 0.3%

    signal-to-noise ratio


    Line input level

    250mV  RCA

    Line output level

    1V  RCA

    MIC Microphone Input Sensitivity

    80MV (desktop microphone) 150MV (wireless microphone),2 microphone inputs

    Controlled power supply output power

    ≤ 1500W

    strong cut output


    Working temperature

    -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

    Working humidity


    Power consumption

    ≤ 35W (no load)

    Input power







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