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D1822 IP Network Audio Matrix


IP network broadcasting system

  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: D1822 IP Network Audio Matrix
    • Commodity ID: 1108416927442292736

    Any place with Ethernet port can be accessed, with dual-port hub (HUB), acceptable servers and othersIPAccess and control of network devices.

    Network fault self-diagnosis, network and service status display.

    4Road touch audio input,2Microphone input,4Road network digital audio output.

    PCMNo loss compression encoding output, professional grade high fidelity sound quality.

    With offline operation function, the network audio can be directly sent to various audio terminals for decoding and playing without transferring through the server.

    With local timing function, timing programming control,Timing program can be downloaded to the machine,Even when the network is disconnected,Timing control playback can also be achieved when the server is interrupted.,Make sure the timing tasks are foolproof.

  • Network Interface

    Standard RJ45(3), 2 10M/100M network ports, 1 upgrade port

    Support Agreement

    TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP,FTP,ICMP,ARP, support cross-gateway cross-routing configuration, with offline function

    Audio Format

    PCM (Uncompressed Format),ADPCM,MP3,WAV,OGG

    Number of channels

    4-way, with offline function

    Number of input/output paths

    6-channel input (4-channel line, 2-channel microphone),4-channel output

    Restart recovery time after power failure and network disconnection

    Less than 1 second

    Transmission rate


    Audio Mode

    Network packets, CD sound quality

    frequency response


    harmonic distortion

    ≤ 0.3%

    signal-to-noise ratio


    Line input level

    250mV RCA,4-way

    MIC Microphone Input Sensitivity

    10mV/150mV,2 microphone inputs

    Working temperature

    -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

    Working humidity


    Power consumption

    ≤ 20W

    Input power







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