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A Series (A800-A2000) IP Network Power Amplifier


IP network broadcasting system

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    • Commodity name: A Series (A800-A2000) IP Network Power Amplifier
    • Commodity ID: 1108416916692291584

    With dual-port hub (HUB),Can be directly connected to the local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN),Can play network audio, can accept the server and otherIPAccess and control of network devices.

    Network fault self-diagnosis, network communication status display.

    Powerful network audio playback function, can be used independently in the network, can be directly played fromIPNetwork Audio Matrix,IPnetwork radio head orIPNetworkCDnetwork audio signal.

    It can accept the control of the main control room server and the control of the sub-control point computer, and it can also be separated from the server to directly accept the direct control of internal communication intercom equipment such as network fire fighting matrix and network paging microphone, so as to respond more quickly and reliably to emergency tasks such as paging intercom or fire fighting.

    Audio channel selection listening function, users can choose to listen to multiple sets of audio channels at the same time,Audio channel programs can come from the server, or from the audio matrix orIPNetwork radio head andIPNetworkCD.

    LCDThe display screen comes with a high-precision electronic clock and time display function, and the clock can be automatically synchronized with the server to ensure the accurate execution of timing tasks.

    The AC power supply voltage of the power amplifier can be measured and displayed.

    Power amplifier fault alarm prompt.

    Unique public broadcasting amplifier dedicated line design, high reliability and high stability.

    One line input, two microphone input, microphone1With strong cutting function.

    Line and microphone volume control, total volume control and high and low bass control.

    Automatic two-speed temperature control fan forced cooling and heat dissipation.

    Perfect output short circuit protection and the whole machine overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, midpoint protection.

    No signal can be automatically transferred to the standby state, energy saving and environmental protection.










    Network Interface

    Standard RJ45(3), 2 10M/100M network ports, 1 upgrade port

    Support Agreement

    TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP,FTP,ICMP,ARP, support cross-gateway cross-routing configuration, with offline function

    Audio Format

    PCM (Uncompressed Format),ADPCM,MP3,WAV,OGG

    Number of channels

    Road 30, self-set


    No signal 3 minutes automatic standby, standby time can be set

    Network delay

    File playback is less than 50MS, real-time speech is less than 10MS, with automatic cache function

    Voltage detection

    AC180V-250V, over-range off output and alarm

    Restart recovery time after network disconnection and power failure

    Less than 1 second

    Transmission rate


    Audio Mode

    Network packets, CD sound quality

    frequency response


    harmonic distortion

    ≤ 0.3%

    signal-to-noise ratio


    Line input level

    250MV RCA

    MIC Microphone Input Sensitivity

    10MV,2 microphone inputs

    Working temperature

    -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

    Working humidity


    Input power



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