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T1814E IP network backup + Bluetooth terminal

Product description
Detailed parameters
● With dual port hub (HUB), it can directly access local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), can play network audio, and can access and control servers and other IP network devices.
● Powerful network audio playback function, which can be used independently in the network, can directly play network audio signals from IP network audio matrix, IP network radio head or IP network CD.
● Acceptable control of the main control room server, control of the sub-control point computer, and it can also directly accept the direct control of the internal communication intercom equipment such as the network fire matrix, the network paging microphone, and the paging intercom or fire Emergency tasks are more responsive and more reliable.
● Matchable channel selector, which can be selected and listened to in multiple sets of audio channel programs transmitted at the same time. The audio channel programs can come from the server, or from the IP network audio matrix or IP network radio head and IP network CD.
● The speaker cabinet is made of high-quality MDF medium-density fiberboard for heating and pressing. It has built-in high-fidelity digital power amplifier and full-range speaker. It has beautiful sound quality, integrated IP network, power amplifier and speaker design. It has simple wiring, easy to use, easy maintenance and many other advantages. .
● With auxiliary amplifier output terminal, it can be connected to a fixed-resistance speaker (4-16 ohms, power within 10W).
● Microphone input interface, the microphone has an intrusive function.
● Automatically switch to standby mode when there is no signal, saving energy and environmental protection.
● The backup function is suitable for important broadcast places such as college entrance examination/high school entrance examination/listening test.
● With backup constant pressure broadcast input port (100V input), it can access traditional constant pressure broadcast as backup system.
● The default IP network broadcast system is the main system. The traditional constant pressure broadcast is the backup system. When the fault of the main system is detected, it will immediately switch to the backup system to ensure that the broadcast will not be interrupted.
● With power-off straight-through function, when the terminal device is powered off, it can automatically switch to the backup system.
● Unique design and algorithm to ensure the consistency of the IP network broadcasting system and the traditional constant pressure broadcasting system, and ensure the synchronization of the sound after switching.
● The switching speed is fast. When the main system is detected, it can be quickly switched to the backup system to ensure the continuity of the broadcast.
● The terminal is equipped with a MICRO SD card storage interface and comes standard with a 2G memory card.
● Timed songs can be directly copied to the storage, or downloaded remotely through the server. All terminals in the same LAN can download at the same time.
● The timer program can be downloaded in batches through the server remotely. All terminals in the same LAN can download at the same time.
● Local timing can set priority. When set to priority, local timing will be executed first. When the local timing is not set to priority, the server timing is executed first. If a network failure is detected or the service is offline or a failure occurs, the local timing is automatically started to ensure that the timing task is foolproof.
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Network Interface

Standard RJ45 (3), 2MM/100M network ports, 1 upgrade port

Supporting agreement

TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP, FTP, ICMP, ARP, support cross-gateway cross-route configuration,

with offline function

Audio format

PCM (uncompressed format), ADPCM, MP3, WAV, OGG


No signal for 3 minutes, automatic standby, standby time can be set

Network delay

File playback is less than 50ms, real-time speech is less than 10ms, with automatic


Power off network restart recovery time

Less than 1 second

Transmission rate


Audio mode

Network packet, CD sound quality

Frequency response


Harmonic distortion


Signal to noise ratio


MIC microphone input sensitivity

10mV, microphone input

Backup interface input

Constant pressure 100V

Operating temperature


Working humidity


Local audio input and output interface

1 way MIC input, 1 line input, 1 line output

Local timing

Priority can be set, local priority/server priority

Start time when network/server failure

Less than 1 second

Rated output

Built-in 2*15W digital power amplifier, built-in 10W full-range speaker, one-channel

power amplifier output, external fixed-resistance speaker (4~16 ohms, power within


Power consumption


Input power


Size (DxWxH)





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