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T1813B IP network Bluetooth terminal

Product description
Detailed parameters
● Added Bluetooth function based on T1813, 2.4G Bluetooth technology, 20 meters long distance receiving distance, stable connection. High-sensitivity Bluetooth microphone, infrared and Bluetooth dual-code method, completely solve the problem of code and serial code.
● With dual port hub (HUB), it can directly access local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), can play network audio, and can access and control servers and other IP network devices.
● Network fault self-diagnosis, network and server communication status display.
● Powerful network audio playback function, which can be used independently in the network, can directly play network audio signals from IP network audio matrix, IP network radio head or IP network CD.
● T1313 can control the main control room server, control the sub-control point computer, and it can also directly control the internal communication intercom equipment such as network fire matrix, network paging microphone, etc. Emergency tasks are more responsive and more reliable.
● Paging and two-way intercom function, can accept page paging of the intercom master station or perform two-way intercom.
● Audio channel selection listening function, users can choose any listening in multiple sets of audio channel programs transmitted at the same time. Audio channel programs can come from the server, or can be from audio matrix or IP network radio head and IP network CD.
● Program on-demand function, which can realize arbitrary on-demand broadcasting of thousands of programs in the program library in the server. The user can use the first spell letter to make a song query, which is extremely simple and convenient.
● SD card local playback, support for a variety of song formats, high-fidelity sound quality decoding.
● Timed songs can be directly copied to the storage, or downloaded remotely through the server. All terminals in the same LAN can download at the same time.
● The timer program can be downloaded in batches through the server remotely. All terminals in the same LAN can download at the same time.
● Local timing can set priority. When set to priority, local timing will be executed first. When the local timing is not set to priority, the server timing is executed first. If a network failure is detected or the service is offline or a failure occurs, the local timing is automatically started to ensure that the timing task is foolproof.
● 3-inch LCD display, with high-precision clock, time display function, and the clock can be automatically synchronized with the server to ensure accurate execution of timing tasks.
● One line input, one line output, one microphone input, the microphone has a strong cut function.
● With recording function, the line and microphone signals can be recorded, and the recording files are stored in the server.
● Line and microphone volume control, total volume control and high and low sound control.
● Built-in 2*15W stereo digital power amplifier, low temperature rise, safe and reliable, suitable for long hours of work.
● Automatically switch to standby mode when there is no signal, saving energy and environmental protection.
● Adopt industrial grade 2.4G Bluetooth technology.
● 20 meters long distance receiving distance, stable connection and beautiful sound quality.
● High-sensitivity Bluetooth microphone with optional head-mounted or lavalier-type Bluetooth microphone.
● Automatic squelch function, when the unmanned speech is detected, the squelch function can be automatically activated.
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Network Interface

Standard RJ45 (3), 2MM/100M network ports, 1 upgrade port

Supporting agreement

TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP, FTP, ICMP, ARP, support cross-gateway cross-route

configuration, with offline function

Audio format

30 channels, can be set

Intercom function

Can talk to the paging intercom console (passive intercom)

On-demand function

Can order any songs from the server program library


Microphone and line recording, files are stored in the server

Recording level

250mV line, 10mV microphone, adjustable recording level


TF card (MICRO SD), standard 2G


No signal for 3 minutes, automatic standby, standby time can be set

Network delay

File playback is less than 50ms, real-time speech is less

than 10ms, intercom is less than 20ms,and has automatic cache function.

Power off network restart recovery time

Less than 1 second

Transmission rate


Audio mode

Network packet, CD sound quality

Frequency response


Harmonic distortion


Signal to noise ratio


Line input level

250mV RCA

MIC microphone input sensitivity

10mV, 1 microphone input

Local audio input and output interface

1 way MIC input, 1 line input, 1 line output

Local timing

Priority can be set, local priority/server priority

Start time when network/server failure

Less than 1 second

Bluetooth code method


Bluetooth sample rate and gain adjustment

32K, AGC

Bluetooth receiving distance

20 meters (empty and unobstructed)

Operating temperature


Working humidity


Rated output

2*15W fixed resistance output

Power consumption


Input power


Size (DxWxH)





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