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C2000 System Management Software


IP network broadcasting system

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    • Commodity name: C2000 System Management Software
    • Commodity ID: 1108416835507343360

    System management software isAn important part of the IP network audio broadcasting system, it can be installed in any computer within the network, used for the entireIPNetwork broadcasting system equipment configuration, channel configuration, task configuration, program library management, user management, rights management, terminal equipment status query and control operation of terminal equipment.

    With the system terminal equipment status real-time monitoring query management function.

    With terminal and peripheral centralized configuration management function.

    With channel song configuration management function.

    With server scheduled task editing management function.

    With the terminal local timing task editing management function.

    With terminalSDProgram file download management function.

    With instant broadcast control management function.

    With channel broadcast control management function.

    With text-to-speech broadcasting function.

    Paging broadcast function.

    With equipment control management function.

    With media resources program library management function.

    With server and equipment time calibration function.

    With program production and file upload and download management functions.

    With system users and rights distribution management functions.

    availableSDKSoftware development kit.

    HaveLEDScreen text information publishing function.

    With video file playback management function.

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