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AK-8800A Intelligent Audio Management Power Amplifier

Product description
Detailed parameters
● This audio management power amplifier is specially developed for the professional classroom recording, multimedia classroom recording, court recording, interrogation room recording, local and remote conference recording and other engineering applications for the needs of audio collection and live sound reinforcement. Audio processing product;
● Special research and development according to the actual application requirements of the recording and broadcasting system engineering. Modular design can be used according to different engineering needs, and the corresponding module combination can be selected to provide the most suitable application plan for engineering needs, saving engineering input;
● In order to meet the diversified needs of the recording and broadcasting system application, the management power amplifier has designed a variety of comprehensive and adjustable interfaces and settings, which can be derived from a wide variety of matching effects, and is capable of responding to various needs. At the same time, it also effectively avoids the dependence of the system platform on other audio mediation adjustment devices, and the system integration is high;
● 10-channel microphone balance input (Phoenix plug), 1-way to 4-way microphone is divided into A area, 5 to 8 channels are divided into B area;
● 2-channel acquisition microphone, independent lotus output interface, do not enter the machine any adjustment, can go directly to the recording and broadcasting room for recording and broadcasting;
● Independent microphone volume adjustment, independent 48V power switch;
● AB two-zone microphone can choose 4 select 1 function, can pass 4 select 1 function; AB two-zone microphone independent active environment noise elimination module, AB two-zone independent threshold debugging, LINE input RCA interface, independent volume control (enter Feedback function);
● AUX input RCA interface, independent volume control (do not enter feedback function), microphone input impedance: 47K, LINE input RAC input impedance: 10K, RAC recording output impedance: 1K, RAC system interface impedance: 220 ohm, system expansion Output interface, 2-way RAC interface, volume adjustment output level;
● AB two-zone acquisition system signal independent output RAC recording interface, independent volume control, AB two-zone microphone signal professional hybrid high school bass adjustment, professional digital feedback suppression module, pass-through / feedback mode can be converted; recording, Bluetooth, recording Playback, USB, SD playback function module, 4X150W/8 ohm stereo power amplifier output, can be bridged into 2X250W/8 ohm 2-channel output;
● One-button control feedback suppression and 4-channel power amplifier independent volume, independent 4-channel level indicator, professional frequency display, monitoring output level at a glance;
● Full Chinese operation interface, easy to understand.
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First, feedback suppression parameters

Frequency response



<0.1%  1KHz

Sampling Rate


Signal to noise ratio


Signal delay




Second, the environmental noise elimination parameters

Frequency response



<0.2%  1KHz



Threshold range

-80~-20dBu B

Dynamic Range


Noise gate


Third, the machine parameters

Frequency response




input resistance

Microphone: 47KΩ Line: 10KΩ Music: 10KΩ Remote: 10KΩ

Output impedance

Expansion: 220Ω Remote: 1KΩ Recording: 1KΩ Acquisition: 1KΩ

Signal to noise ratio


Rated output power




Power consumption


Power supply

AC220V/50H, ring transformer power supply

Size (DxWxH)



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