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ST-24 24-channel digital mixer

Product description
Detailed parameters
● 10.1 inch 1280*800 resolution capacitive touch screen;
● 4 DCA groups (with mute), 1 mute group;
● 16-channel XLR/TRS composite input interface and 2 USB interface inputs;
● 2 main outputs (XLR interface); 4 auxiliary outputs (XLR interface); 2 stereo auxiliary outputs (TRS interface), 1 pair of stereo monitors (TRS interface);
● Input channel processing 4-band parameter equalization configuration high/low shelving type response setting, variable frequency point 24dB octave high-pass filter, threshold, compressor;
● Output channel processing main output and 1-4 auxiliary output with 1/3 octave 31-segment graphic equalizer, limiter, variable frequency point 18dB octave high-pass and low-pass filter;
● Recording function dual track, requires USB 3.0HD, FAT32 format, minimum 7800RPM;
● Professional effects, 50 factory presets such as reverb, echo, delay, chorus, 50 user presets, 1 tone correction (can be assigned to any mono input channel);
● Phase phase power supply 48V and 180 degree phase adjustable, each channel is individually switched;
● 130 user-defined presets, including all parameters of the mixer, can be saved inside the mixer or FAT32 format USB memory;
● Chinese and English operation interface selection (including network setting interface and player file name display);
● Support external devices of all systems, through Wi-Fi (wireless), Twist-Pair (wired) access, open the browser input mixer IP address to control all parameters of the mixer.
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Size (D × W × H)


Net weight

4.12 kg


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