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K-1800C/D Voting Video Tracking Conference System Unit


Microphone, conference system

  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
    • Commodity name: K-1800C/D Voting Video Tracking Conference System Unit
    • Commodity ID: 1108417272197304320

    The use of integrated aluminum alloy design, surface oxidation treatment process, high-end generous;

    With speech discussion, voting, video tracking function;

    High-fidelity audio circuit design;

    UnitLCD display showing the location and nature of the unit and the voting results;

    The chairman unit has the priority function button to control the order of the conference;

    The unit is a passive device, powered by the main controller, and the input voltage isDC24V, within the safe range;

    Unit comes2 m terminal wire;

    A pluggable single-pointing gooseneck microphone with a speech indicator halo.   

  • Input, Output

    8P DIN× 1(2M)

    Pointing Properties

    cardioid single pointing

    frequency response




    signal-to-noise ratio


    Speaker output


    Headphone output

    Ф 3.5mm mono mini jack

    Operating voltage

    DC24V (provided by the main controller)

    Dimensions (D×W×H)

    127 × 183 × 60(mm)(without microphone)






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