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CD-10 10 inch professional speaker

Product description
Detailed parameters
● A diamond built-in two-way single 10-inch full-range speaker, designed for use in clubs, high-end clubs and entertainment rooms;
● The use of a 44mm titanium composite diaphragm compression tweeter and a direct 10-inch medium-low frequency unit, combined with high-precision processing technology, the sound has a thick atmospheric medium frequency and delicate clear high frequency;
● The composite diaphragm not only has the sweetness of the polyester fiber membrane, but also has the gorgeousness and texture of the metal film;
● Use a constant-pointing high-pitched horn with excellent high-frequency response and rotatable 100°×50°;
● The phase response is very smooth. With its excellent horn design technology, cabinet structure design technology, frequency divider calibration and unit matching, and accurate calculation when the frequency divider is calibrated, the unit group delay is fully considered. The phase changes, etc., so that the acoustic crossover points are perfectly combined;
● The magnetic circuit design of the special cooling of the woofer ensures good heat dissipation at continuous high power. The relatively constant temperature reduces the impedance drift and minimizes the unit power compression. The specially strengthened paper cone has good transient and rigidity, which reduces the segmentation movement and intermodulation distortion of the paper cone under high power, making the sound more pure and firm;
● Provide 16 M8 hanging points for hanging and adjusting angles in fixed installation and mobile applications, and a 35mm bracket base at the bottom of the speaker;
● The box body is composed of multi-layer birch surface splint, and the surface is wear-resistant black dot paint;
● A handle embedded in the cabinet is installed on both sides of the speaker for easy handling. The two rear-end SPEAKON four-core sockets are easy to connect, and the black perforated iron mesh perforated iron mesh protects the speaker unit.
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Frequency response


Pointing angle




Maximum sound pressure level

123dB (continuous) / 127dB (peak)


Rated / Program / Peak 300w / 600w / 900w

Rated impedance

Woof unit

10 inch bass / 51mm voice coil

Treble unit

1.75" treble / 44mm voice coil

Recommended crossover point


Connection socket

Two NEUTRIK NL4MP four-pin socket: 1+1-

Hanging hardware

16×M8 lifting point, bottom support

Size (DxWxH)


Net weight



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