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K-1600HD 1080P HD-SDI HD Conference System

Product description
Detailed parameters
● The system central processor has conference discussion function, video tracking function, electronic sign-in/voting/election/scoring function; LCD display current working status and menu function;
● Its built-in high-capacity microcomputer system can be used without external computer connection. It can realize high-quality and orderly video automatic tracking conference control only through the central processor panel controller setting and simple connection produced by our factory. It can also use the special debugging keyboard produced by our factory to carry out the most simple and intuitive video automatic tracking and debugging, open the microphone discussion, check the proofreading and tracking situation, and run the green computer management software through the USB encryption key: add up to 12 chairs. Unit, electronic sign-in/voting/election/score function, application waiting mode and specified speaking time and flexible and real site control;
● Super anti-interference ability, the power-on self-test function ensures normal operation.
● The main equipments of the system include: central processor unit, microphone attendance unit, keyboard control unit, high-speed pan/tilt camera unit, USB encryption key running green computer management software, etc.
● New and generous microphones Use single-chip control circuit to realize digital management and automatic video tracking/voting discussion function;
● International advanced fleece surface treatment process, beautiful appearance, stylish, no fading, no deformation, durable;
● High-definition pure blue color LCD microphone on/off status; using high-end gold-film condenser heads made in Taiwan, the sound is clear and the distance is far.
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Support video resolution

HD 1080i  50Hz   HD 1080P  50Hz 60Hz

Support maximum transfer rate


Support 8Bit 12Bit dark technology

Transmission distance


Compatible with HDcctv1.0, HD-SDI (ST292), 3G-SDI (ST424), SD-SDI (ST259) 4 in 2 out standard HD SDI interface (BNC interface)

Size (D × W × H)


Net weight



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