To explain the design and scheme of multimedia conference sound system

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How is a multimedia conference sound system designed?

Now the continuous development of sound technology, traditional sound has been unable to fully meet the needs of the market, speakers are widely used for all occasions, meetings, classrooms, etc., in the continuous development of education and training means today, multimedia classroom sound system used in the classroom, let us take a look at it.

  Multimedia conference audioSystem

Multimedia sound, that is, the so-called "computer sound", has the characteristics of small size and convenient operation compared with traditional sound, and can meet the needs of ordinary consumers for multimedia APP application. Its main sound source is computer, which dooms its listening environment to be near sound field. Specifically, clean listening technology changes the sound field of previous speakers, vibration mode of diaphragm, standing wave, air in box, reverse phase structure, etc, when listening to the sound in the near field, there is no sound pollution, no multiple modulation, the sound is natural and clear, and the recovery is good.

1. Sound field design index: the sound amplification pressure level in the audience area is between 70-75dB, the music amplification pressure level is between 75-85dB, the allowable value of non-uniformity of the sound field is 6-10dB, and the gain of the sound amplification system is far away from the self-excited oscillation state. Considering that the multimedia classroom is mainly used for voice amplification and music amplification, it is mainly used for the amplification output of classroom lectures, taking into account the needs of multi-purpose and multi-purpose, the effective peak sound pressure level of the indoor sound field needs to be about 80dB.

2. Sound construction characteristics: In order to meet the lighting requirements, the classroom is generally equipped with large glass windows on both sides, and the wall surface is basically lime surface or latex paint surface. Due to the strong reflection of sound by glass and wall surface, the classroom reverberation time is long, the sound amplification definition is not enough, the classroom shape is mostly rectangular, which is convenient for sound dyeing, the classroom is not soundproof, and the background noise is large.

With the progress of science and technology, related multimedia conference sound system is more and more rich, all kinds of advanced audio and video equipment are higher requirements of customers, is expected to achieve the desired effect, the classroom sound system greatly improves the teaching efficiency, simplifies the complex operation, has beautiful sound quality, clear image demonstration, the teaching process is also easy to understand.

  Multimedia conference audioScheme Design

With the rapid development of science and technology and society, the information exchange between people is becoming more and more frequent and more important. All kinds of business negotiations, academic exchanges, product demonstrations, guest meetings and so on need to be realized through a variety of modern audio, video equipment and other multimedia equipment.

With the rapid development and application of computer, communication, Internet, multimedia monitoring and other technologies, simple conference rooms can no longer meet the requirements of customers for the conference environment, so the advanced and stable conference sound system is the system of conference rooms in various industries today, based on the needs of information exchange.

  Multimedia conference audioThe system is very important as a coherent solution. According to the design area characteristics of this conference room, the 60-120 round table conference room is divided into five parts: advanced multimedia computer system, high-brightness and high-definition large-screen projection display system, high-quality conference sound system, professional voice processing equipment, and convenient conference system, to meet the modern conference room all kinds of intelligent requirements, improve the quality and efficiency of the meeting.