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How to choose professional audio according to the sound quality

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The spatial sense of the sound field is closely related to the placement of the speaker: the stereo height, width and depth of the sound field extend to the wall. This height, width and depth will form such shapes as convex and concave front, concave back or relatively flat or square or rectangular or ellipse, that is, the whole sound field spatial sense shape extending from top to bottom, left to right, and back

Stage performance of sound field

The spatial sense of the sound field is closely related to the placement of the speaker: the stereo height, width and depth of the sound field extend to the wall. This height, width and depth will form such shapes as convex and concave front, concave back or relatively flat or square or rectangular or ellipse, that is, the whole sound field spatial sense shape extending from top to bottom, left to right, and back. The sound field shape is various shapes. Space sense, the best space sense of Titanium sound film is the sound field space sense that permeates the whole listening room. It is easy to penetrate the vast sense of boundlessness in all directions. It even shows the sense of penetrating the surrounding walls. Basically, besides good equipment, it also has appropriate space size. It is difficult to achieve perfect space sense in too small space.

The hierarchy and localization of instruments and human voices in the sound field refers to the three-dimensional nature of instruments and other vocal bodies in the sound field, as well as the changes of depth or distance and distance. The localization sense refers to the left and right and the upper and lower positions of the three-dimensional nature of the sound field of the vocal body. Level and positioning sense is good, all kinds of musical instruments and voices have three-dimensional body feeling, if the sound system equipment is not good enough or the sound box is not well positioned, it can not hear the body feeling, especially the depth of the body feeling. The whole sound field should be formed on the back stage of the left and right speakers. If the sound rushes forward, it will be wrong. Especially when the low-frequency performance rushes forward, it will feel like hitting the chest heavily. At the moment, it is thought that the large volume of force is too addictive, but it will be very uncomfortable and incorrect to listen to for a long time.

2. Density and weight of sound

In the overall sound field shape, the density and weight of the sound are related to the number of details and stability of the sound field. The sound field has high stability and strong sense of weight. It is also the performance of accurate positioning and non-drifting body feeling of the instrument. High density of voice is the expression of many details and full sense of sound. The higher density of voice, the better the feeling of surroundings or embracing of both ears or body, the better the feeling of being on the spot.

3. Transparency and clarity of sound

The transparency of the sound field is related to the nature of the music and the cleanliness of the background, and to the contrast degree of S+N/N measured by the instrument. Transparency, space and clarity must be good. Mixed sound and paste, such as fog or yarn in the partition, must be flat and without depth, sound and video bigger or even pasted together. The common bass hypertrophy of titanium film is one example, or bass paste together. Some people think that it is strong and vigorous in the bass, but they like it in fact not. Yes, you should know by listening to live concerts.

Definition is often confused with the phenomenon of high and medium volume, high and medium tone is more bright, the overall low frequency ratio is reduced, and the sense of hearing is not natural. If there are more lip and tooth sounds at the same time, it will be harsh and uncomfortable. Low-frequency clarity is difficult to do well, which can be determined by the identification degree of the tail rhyme of the drum skin or the micro-earthquake of the Double Bass string.

IV. Equilibrium of High, Middle and Low Frequency Bands

High, medium and low frequency bands of sound can be balanced to be pleasant. Too bright (too high frequency) especially labial and dental sounds will be uncomfortable as soon as they are too much, too dark (too little high frequency) will not be vivid, low frequency expansion (too much) will cover the theme, and the lack of low frequency will seem as if there is little thing in the bottom plate, lack of integrity, or too strong in the middle frequency, there will be a lack of warm and rich sweetness. Beauty, and become dry.

5. Aesthetic Sense of Sound Quality

Requirements are not only pleasant to the ear, but also can affect the transmission of all emotions, such as the tenderness of poetry and painting in spring breeze or surging strong feelings, while the poor sound quality produces the feeling of being raw, cold, hard, thin and thin.

6. Analytical Power and Details of Sound

It is difficult to do well with low-frequency resolution in general acoustics system. It is more difficult to do well with low-frequency resolution in detail to hear the soft vibration of strings (or rosin) and the wood flavor of piano hammer beating instantly, and then the extension of the final rhyme and the resonance of steel strings with the cavity and the reflecting board of the piano, such as the weak breath of human voice. Sensory expression, such as the instantaneous tension and extended finals of drum skin beaten by mallet, etc.

7. Cohesion of Sound and Body Sense

Sound cohesion and shape sense refer to well-focused, non-dizzy instruments or mouth-shaped or cohesive drums, as well as the size ratio of vocal and musical instruments. This item and equipment phase distortion are related to the diffusion angle and reaction speed of the horn, and also to the adjustment of the toe-in angle of the speaker. Large, disproportionate, poor cohesion and physical sense, the music stage will not be shaped or incomplete, unable to achieve the natural huge stage effect.

Vibrant sense of vitality

The contrast of sound intensity of playing (singing) repertoire is dynamic size. The direct expression is the degree of dynamic sense of sound on the spot. The dynamic state of Titanium sound film is as big as that of recording site, which is the sense of vitality. After dynamic compression, the sound will become dull and lifeless. The response speed of general sound will be fast and slow, with the speaker monomer and amplifier. If there are no details and motions, the sound will become dull and dull. At this time, the sound has no depth, few layers, weak contrast, and the sound performance is flat and not vivid. It can only be listened to like background music, but not really appreciated. The dynamic, detailed and natural sweetness of the sound means the vitality and liveliness of the voice, which can convey the music. The true feelings of "voice movement".