How do we solve the problem of conference sound noise?

How do we solve the problem of conference sound noise?

1. ways to adjust the distance

Using an undirected microphone, the microphone picks up the sound as close to the sound source as possible, which is one of the effective ways to avoid screaming and increase the amplified volume.

It should be clear here that directional microphones (especially pointed microphones) have very little attenuation of sound pickup for long-distance sound sources, and the effect of adjusting the distance on increasing the volume of amplification and preventing noise is also very small.

Whether the sound reinforcement system is easy to scream is not directly related to the sensitivity of the microphone. However, the high-sensitivity microphone has a sharp directivity and is prone to noise. Shortening the distance between the device and the listener can actually increase the loudness of the amplification. The overall gain of the system can be reduced appropriately. At the same time, if paired with a wide directional near-field speaker, the microphone can be slightly farther away to avoid howling. Meeting Room Sound System

For the direct feedback sound field of the conference sound, the microphone is as far away from the speaker as possible, and the speaker is as close as possible to the listener. The microphone should be placed behind the direction of the speaker radiation. If the microphone can be carried around, the speaker should be placed near the microphone.

2. frequency equalization method

It can also be called broadband notch method, because the frequency curve of microphone pickup and sound equipment is not an ideal flat straight line (especially some poor quality conference sound), acoustic resonance occurs with the hall sound field, and the frequency response fluctuates greatly.

In this way, the frequency equalizer can be used to compensate the sound amplification curve, adjust the frequency response of the system to an approximate straight line, so that the gain of each frequency band is basically the same, and improve the sound transmission gain of the system. system.

Use more than 21 segments of the equalizer, in the high requirements of the configuration of the parametric equalizer, in the high requirements of the use of feedback controller. In fact, when feedback self-excitation occurs in the public broadcasting system, its frequency is only fixed at a certain point of pure tone, so as long as a narrow band notch is used to cut off this frequency, the system can be controlled to scream.

3. feedback controller method

Also known as narrow-band notch method, in demanding occasions, such as some live music, commonly used audio feedback automatic control device. This device can automatically track the frequency of the feedback point, automatically adjust the Q value of the bandwidth, automatically eliminate the protection of sound quality and acoustic feedback. Its principle is controlled by trap noise.

About the method to solve the meeting sound noise, the above content has been summarized in detail for everyone. There are three methods to solve the problem, namely, the adjustment distance method, the frequency balance method and the feedback controller method. If you encounter the same problem, you can refer to the above method. We are the manufacturer of conference audio, if you want to know more about this content can contact us. We can introduce you.