Several issues to note when buying a wireless microphone

I'm sure everyone has been through a century of problems. Obviously, the wired microphones were sorted before they were put in their pockets. Why do they become a mess when they are taken out again? This problem was not solved until the advent of wireless microphones, which is one of the reasons why most people choose wireless microphones. At this point, I have to face another question: With so many wireless microphones on the market, how do I choose the one that suits me? Considering that there are so many opinions to say, I will spend time today organizing a presentation on wireless microphone buying, hoping to help people in need.

Before talking about buying tips, answer some of the questions people often ask!

Q: What is a wireless microphone?

A: A wireless microphone is a device that transmits signals via Bluetooth without a wired connection.

Q: What are the types of wireless microphones?

A: At present, the wireless microphones on the market are mainly head-mounted, neck-mounted, bone conduction and ordinary in-ear. The advantages of ordinary wireless microphones (such as airpods) are mainly reflected in their small size, easy to carry, and free from wires. Can be used for driving, sports and commuting.

Q: Are wireless microphones easily lost?

A: Early wireless microphones were designed to fall off easily. After continuous upgrading, there have been many improvements in wearing comfort and firmness. Today's wireless microphones will not fall off in most cases as long as they are not too hard. If it is mainly used for sports and fitness, it is recommended to choose a neck hanging wireless microphone.

Q: Is it better to be in the ear or half in the ear?

Answer: There is no better choice between the two, only a more suitable choice. The in-ear wearing method is to block the ear canal through the earplug, and its noise reduction effect is better than the semi-in-ear type; the disadvantage is mainly reflected in the long-term wearing of the earplug will compress the ear canal, resulting in swelling and pain in the ear.

After clarifying your needs, let's take a look at the 3 principles of buying a wireless microphone:

1. Although appearance is important, comfort cannot be ignored

Although most people are selfie parties, including the editor himself, it is strongly recommended that you wear comfortable headphones first, because you will wear them for a long time. You can use them more easily only when you are comfortable to wear.

2. don't trust the propaganda too much

Remember not to listen to large-scale over-hype, such as "100% high-fidelity high-fidelity", "wireless headphones with a lifespan of 200 hours at a time" and "0 delay". The Bluetooth coding of the wireless headset is not completely lossless, so it can only be said that the sound quality is better.

When buying headphones, please turn over the real parameters at the bottom of the headphones, which will be more intuitive.

3. to try before buying

The headphones are in close contact with our ears. If the sound quality of the headset is not good, it will not only affect our mood, but also damage our ears. The original brand headphones have a good listening effect without noise, and the high, medium and low bass performance is relatively balanced.